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Musings, and some socks


Maxine is progressing beautifully, although more slowly than I might hope due to secret knitting. But I still have yet to share these lacy little socks, another project left over from Australia.


As you can see, they're ridiculously, optimistically summery. I am wearing stockings underneath them in these shots, not only to show off the lace pattern better, but because oh mama, it has been chilly here. These are pretty much the absolute opposite of what I feel like wearing and working on right now, but that's okay. It's good to have a reminder that Spring will come again.


To tell the truth, I don't think it's so much the weather as my state of mind that's keeping me holed up in my house, working madly on projects. I've reached a point where I'd really like design to be my "job," which is a scary yet exciting thing to admit. David and I have been brainstorming about ways to make that happen in the long run, and as a first step I've decided to cut a day from my work at my regular job. I'm really looking forward to having the extra time to work on proposals and projects, and hopefully I can start replacing the lost revenue. I think, at this point, it's more of an emotional risk than a financial one, but it still feels a bit nerve-wracking; lots of whatifs, in the words of Shel Silverstein, prancing and partying in my head.

(That's a great poem, by the way. When I'm prey to anxiety, the couplet "Whatif I tear my pants? / Whatif I never learn to dance?" cheers me up every time. I mean, why worry about never learning to dance, when you can just make the decision and teach yourself? You're in control! It's useful to remind myself of that, from time to time. Plus, of course, the image of a person tearing their pants is a classic nugget of hilarity.)


Notice how I'm using sock photos to disguise the rambling, meta nature of this post? I suppose I have a few things to say about the socks themselves: they're a faithful version of MintyFresh's Zokni pattern, in Sundara's Beach Glass colorway. I have to say, although this yarn is more variegated than most I work with, it was some of the most well-behaved variegation I have ever encountered. Absolutely no pooling, no striping, no undesirable patterns of any kind. Just consistent, pretty heathering throughout. The pattern had good flow as well, and overall these were excellent vacation knitting. Come Spring, I'm sure I'll be stepping out in these socks with joy.