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Introducing Anney!


The lovely Spring/Summer edition of Twist Collective just went up, and surprise! It features a design by yours truly.


Anney is a cute little raglan tee, perfect for summertime parties. It's knit from the bottom up, with quick cap sleeves knit separately and attached when you cast on for the yoke. It looks pretty and garden-party-ish in the lavender I used for the Twist model, or you could make it in cherry red for a more rockabilly look. My original inspirations were early rock & roll peasant tops—something a young lady might wear with high-waisted capris, a wide belt, and a swoon. Like this, maybe, only slightly less ridiculous. Unless you wanna be that ridiculous. In which case, far be if from me to stand in your way.

There are a few details about Anney I'm particularly pleased with. I love the way the double line of twisted knit stitches in the yoke forms the guideline for the raglan decreases. Unfortunately I couldn't figure out how to make this happen in all sizes, but there is at least a single column of twisted-knits in every size. I like the organic transition from ribbing to cables. My favorite thing, though, is the way the twisty cables give way to vertical stripes in the yoke, and how the (optional, but very cute) ribbon passes under each of those "stripes."


One note about the sizing: it's true that the sample, when not being worn, turned out teensy-tiny. However, the Northfield yarn at that gauge is very stretchy. I tried on the sample continuously as I was working on it, and it looked great on me, with my 34-inch bust and standard petite-girl waist and hip shaping. A little more "va-va-voom" than it looks on the model, but great nonetheless. So, if you're going for daring (like the women in that video), I might suggest trying even a bit more negative ease than is recommended in the pattern— up to 5-6 inches or so. Of course, you should only try this if you're using a similarly elastic yarn; doing it with cotton will probably make you cry, much like Johnny Depp's character in the video. If you're going for a sweeter, more modest look, two-ish inches of negative ease will be more your speed. And if you decide to go with a smaller size for the va-va-voom factor, do make sure to cast on sufficient stitches for the cap sleeves so that they're not cutting off your circulation. :-)

Enjoy! It's available for download as I type: seven dollars right here.