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When plotting the execution of a grand scheme, a true lady must take a step back. She must know to stop a moment in contemplation.


Pausing for a bit of perspective, she must take stock, surveying her domain. She will find moments of quiet clarity lurking in the midst of the bubbling, churning cacophony that she calls home.


Rousing herself, she musters her arsenal. The reticence and the provocation. The sidelong glance and the diplomatic loss - or was it a victory? - at pinochle. The unclasped buckle of a high-heeled shoe and an afternoon fete with precisely the right number of cucumber-watercress sandwiches.


And then, when the players are primed, alliances drawn and the relevant maps secreted away in her garter strap, she turns to and commences action.


Pattern: Eunny Jang's Ladylike Gloves, from Interweave Knits
Yarn: Rowan Kidsilk Haze, in Seafoam and Navy ("Seafoam and Navy" would be a good band name, I think.)
Notes: This was the quickest knit I've ever made. Pattern well-written and easy to follow, as always with Eunny's work. Also as usual, I learned a new trick: the attached i-cord was an easy, clean-looking way to finish these off. I love the wrist slits, as well. All in all, a charming project for a weekend at the beach, whipped out in a bit of downtime before the next big undertaking.



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  • Could you please mail me your address? I can't find it on your site, and the email me link isn't working for me I am afraid!

  • The last time that I saw a Knitted Glove is when my Grandma is still alive, she always makes us knitted clothes especially when it's winter season.

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