Marjorie published in Knitty!

Wow!  David and I got back from a leisurely, relaxing sojourn at the Oregon Coast, reciting Orlando in the Virginia Woolf room at the lovely Sylvia Beach Hotel, to find that had gone live and we were inundated with attention!  My pattern Marjorie was published, which was a fantastic way to kick off the Family Trunk Project for real.  Thanks to everyone who has had nice things to say.  It's really made my day to read all of your comments, on Ravelry and elsewhere.  In addition to Marjorie, the Jessie Lambdin Shawl has been getting an unexpected amount of attention, with quite a few pattern sales already!  I am unbelievably excited to see other peoples' versions of these patterns.  Bring them on, folks!

While at the coast we took some photos of the next Family Trunk pattern, a gentlemanly sock project about which I'll post at greater length soon.  For now, thanks again and enjoy the site. 


  • Gorgeous pattern. I love it! Simply looking sexy!
    You've done it really great.
    How bout having off shoulder style with this pattern?

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