One skein in


I always love that point in a sweater project when I use up the first skein of yarn and move on to the second. To me, it's like that moment on a road trip when you finally get done with all of your grocery stops, car washes, and city driving, and are finally out on the open road. You are gathering momentum. All loose ends are tied up. You have a great adventure stretching out before you.


Of course, being one skein into a project when the previous one isn't quite done makes me feel a bit like a person who left on a cross-country trip with a pot of soup still simmering on the stove at home. Nevertheless, I'm enjoying this immensely. It's been so long (possibly EVER) since I've done a project involving this much plain knitting, and let me tell you: it's pretty darn easy! In fact, it just flies along, even though I'm using fingering-weight yarn on US size 1 needles. There will be a colorwork band farther along, which should hit just about when I'm sick of stockinette.


The first skein took me through the waist decreases, and I'm now (halfway through Skein #2) about an inch from beginning to increase again. I'm having fun!

And it just came to my attention while writing this entry that another lovely distraction is now available. I have some very special yarn slated for this project; I've been checking Ysolda's site on a daily basis, and planning to drop everything and cast on the moment she published the pattern. Now I'm not sure if that's exactly how things will go...but they might.


  • I love projects like that! I'm a multiple projects at once kind of person, and I always try to have one that is mostly stockinette, small gauge, and in the round. That's my knitting comfort place, for when I'm not able or don't want to keep track of something more complex.

    I've been waiting for Liesl, too. I'm in love with Ysolda's green version. But, I think I need to finish Snow White first!

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