Garden Gate Socks published in Knitty!


This will be a quick and dirty entry, as I'm back for a few minutes' lunch between classes at the Knit and Crochet Show, but the new issue of Knitty went out yesterday, and I have a pattern in it:


I'm really happy with how these socks turned out, and excited to finally get to share them with the wide Internet world. Thanks to everyone who has already commented on Ravelry and by email; it means a lot to me that you like them! I'm especially proud of the customizable calf sizing I worked into the pattern, and I hope to see them appearing on lots of different-sized calves in good time.

Although they're not technically a Family Trunk pattern, I think these are in line with the general old-fashioned feel of the place - a little dusty, a little sweet, with a faux seam down the back, reminiscent of a bygone era.


During the photo shoot, which took place in my parents' back yard, their dog Lacy kept being very "helpful" by situating herself in the center of the shot whenever possible. I liked the idea of submitting some of the Lacy photos to Knitty, but I ended up deciding against it. Here, though, is my favorite, in which yours truly tries to reason with a big, shaggy dog:


And here's another favorite outtake, during which David was holding Lacy by the collar so that she couldn't come see what I was up to:


And now I'm back off to class, on which more later! Happy knitting!


  • Beautiful socks! Plus a very cute dog. :)

  • Lacy has good taste in lacy socks! Nice work!

  • Lovely! Holding out for a couple of colours that speak to me, and then onto the needles they go! :D

  • Excellent job! I was so proud when I saw the pattern on Knitty - "I know her!" I thought. Congratulations again!

  • i love these! how to find time . . . .

  • These are beautiful! I love the seam down the back. Your whole outfit is adorable.

  • Beautiful socks, I can't wait to make them or maybe even some mittens with that delightful pattern.

  • Beautiful socks! And a lovely Gordon Setter, as well :)

  • I love, love the Garden Gate Socks. They are so My Thing that my friend posted on Rav as soon as she saw Knitty, "Shannon, you're making the Garden Gate Socks, aren't you?"

  • These pair of socks are cute and can be an ideal gift for my girlfriend. :)

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