Election time is past! I am thrilled about the Big Result, sad about some smaller results, but mostly just relieved that all the anxiety and vitriol, all the dueling statistics and smear campaigns, all the guilt for wanting to talk about anything besides the campaigns, are finally, finally over. (For a few minutes, anyway.) And how did I celebrate? Why, with patterns, of course!


I found these three dress patterns at very reasonable prices over at Out of the Ashes, and snapped them up. I'm in the midst of sewing up my first genuine, not-a-reissue 1940's pattern, and I'm loving every second of it, so the logical thing is to stock up. I love the necklines of all three of these dresses, and particularly the way the sleeves on the short-sleeved version of this first dress echo the neck.

This one's just perfect for a summer picnic: not something that's going to happen right away, but still a pleasant dream to while away a drizzly November afternoon. To really pull off the look, I may need to approximate that sun-hat.


This one strikes me as more of a practical, everyday dress, but I love the combination of the tuxedo-esque tucks on the front and the sharp little collar. I also like that the bodice buttons up, shirtwaist-style, but the skirt is one piece. The shirtwaist look is so appealing, and I'm a sucker for buttons, but something about having them all the way up the front strikes me as ever-so-slightly bothersome; a little part of my mind is always wondering whether they're gapping. Now, though, problem solved!


Actual sewing and knitting photos will follow shortly; for the next day or two, I'm turning off my brain and luxuriating in the less manic energy around here.


  • I LOVE the first dress with the open neck!!

  • Oh they are all soooo beautiful. They managed such a great mix of tailoring and femininity back then. (They also managed 10inch waists according to those pictures, and doesn't that just make them that much more alluring?!)

    When you finish and model them you simply must strike those poses :)

    Can't wait to see the results of your impeccable tastes as always.

  • gorgeous. hope you post pix of the finished garments!

  • I absolutely love all the design. Perfect for all that important events in a lady's life. - All State Van Lines Relocation

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