Welcome home


David and I returned from our trip to Australia to find that the Family Trunk Project site was down, and all of my emails since forever had simply disappeared.

Welcome home!


Luckily, our hosting service managed to transfer us to a new home with no data loss, about which they originally told us they "were not optimistic." So we're all breathing a big sigh of relief, which is nice, because it gets the blood moving through veins which otherwise might be frozen 'cause holy mackerel, it's cold here. I know all y'all in the Midwest and Canada will think I'm a whiny baby, but Portland is not used to having weeks of icy roads and snow forecast into the foreseeable future. I did do some knitting Down Under, but it might be a few days before I can photograph it given the miserable lighting conditions.

Despite the weather and the rocky return, though, I am so delighted to be home. Our trip was lots of fun, but it's always so nice to get back to my own little nest. I'm nursing my jetlag for another day or two, and then diving into sizing on Ethel and some other design work. Thanks so much to everyone who has volunteered to test-knit, by the way; I'll be sending out an email/Ravelry message to all of you in a few weeks. In the meantime, have a wallaby.


(I'll be posting more photos over on my Flickr page during the next few days, for anyone who's interested.)


  • OMG! You went on holiday to Australia?! I can't believe you were in my neck of the woods and I didn't even know it. Lol! I hope you enjoyed it and that we were very hospitable to you both :-)

  • Whew! Glad to hear that you were experiencing technical difficulties, and didn't just pack up and move out. I was worried!

  • Ooh, I'm envious of your trip!

  • Wow, post some more photos on here too for those of us who are Australia-envious!

  • Your photos are lovely, and I can't wait for Ethel!!! I have been meaning to ask what you think of a certain yarn's appropriateness for that pattern, but it can wait until you're more settled. ^_^

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