Very Exciting Housekeeping!


I usually try to keep Family Trunk Project focused on knitting, but I just had to brag: check out the GORGEOUS new book blog that David designed for me:


Evening All Afternoon

I can't get over how pretty it is. David designed it based on my descriptions of what I wanted, right down to doing the charcoal drawings of blackbirds, and it's always so amazingly exciting watching Exactly What I Wanted Except Better emerge from his design work. Some of you know that I had previously been publishing all of my posts, both knitting and books, at an old blog that David and I used to share. Frankly, that setup was making me kind of insane, and I'm VERY excited to have this beautiful new forum for writing about books and books alone. (Be sure to scroll down and look at the footer! So pretty!)

Nothing will change over here, and in fact I'm almost ready to post an update on the Charles Victor tunic: it will be a photo-finish with the trip to Hawaii, but I'm still hoping to have it done by the time our plane lands in Honolulu. In the meantime, hop on over to Evening All Afternoon. Take a gander, leave a comment. Even if you're not interested in my literature-related ramblings, it is at least lovely to look at.


  • I can't find an RSS feed for this blog. Can you point me to it? I really only interact with blogs via my RSS reader and I don't want to give this one up!

  • I'm with freddy on this one. Can you also point me to your RSS feed?

  • Thanks Emily! Have just spent some time at Evening All Afternoon and it's now on my list of regular spots to visit. Even though I've known about your 'other' site before, I've never visited often because... well, I actually don't know why. Perhaps I was just too smitten with the trunk. But I just read a couple of your entries over there and they were great. Thanks for letting us know about your site, and kudos for David for another good looker. (I'm referring to the site there, but obviously could be his wonderful tunic modelling :)

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  • Thanks Emily! Have simply spent your time at Evening All Afternoon and it's currently on my list of standard spots to go to. even if I've far-famed concerning your 'other' web site before, I've ne'er visited actually because... well, I really do not know why. maybe i used to be simply too smitten with the trunk.

  • Thanks Emily! Have simply spent it slow at Evening All Afternoon and it's currently on my list of normal spots to go to. even if I've known concerning your 'other' website before, I've ne'er visited actually because... well, I truly do not know why. maybe i used to be simply too smitten with the trunk.
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