No place like home


Thank you so much to everyone who came by for the Boston trunk show at the Windsor Button! Despite TORRENTIAL downpours on the 29th, and the Kennedy funeral happening practically down the street, we got a steady stream of folks during the three hours we hung out at the Windsor Button, and it was so much fun to put faces to the names (or Ravelry handles) I've been getting to know for the past years!


David snapped these photos as we were finishing the setup; once people started walking in the door, I'm afraid we didn't take any, although Kate took this cute pic of David and I behind our table. I'm so bad at being assertive with my camera; hopefully as I do more of these I'll get better at it.


It was fun to see all the garments set up attractively in one place; looking at my Ravelry notebook is great, but not quite the same as seeing all this stuff occupying the same physical space. There are many times I feel like I'm slacking off or haven't accomplished that much since I started designing, and it was nice to have a physical reminder of what I've been working on for the past few years. Turns out it's quite a bit, after all! It was also lots of fun to watch people interact with the garments, and to see which of the new accessory patterns were attracting most attention. I remember reading an interview with Jarvis Cocker (the lead singer of Brit-pop band Pulp) when I was in high school, in which he said that they were lousy at picking the singles - they always picked the songs they expected to be popular, but when the album came out it was a totally unexpected track that people loved best. I feel sort of the same way! I can never predict which designs people will love best, but it's always interesting to watch the process unfold. I'm especially excited that a number of people liked the second sock pattern in the upcoming bunch of accessories; I'll be posting about it online in a few days!


Just to add to the niceness of it all, David's folks attended a sizable portion of the show, and then treated me to some yarn and (of course, given the location) buttons! Check out those fantastic mod buttons; maybe when I finally get around to watching Mad Men I can coordinate my viewing with the construction of a garment around these beauties. The yarn is Malabrigo Sock, in the beautiful Boticelli Red colorway; I also got a skein in natural white, and I'm sure nobody will be shocked to hear that visions of colorwork are dancing in my head.


Post-trunk-show, the rest of our trip unwound delightfully: some family time, some drinks and conversation with new knitting friends, and then we were on the plane back to San Francisco. From there we drove for two days back to Portland, following the scenic Redwood Coast Highway (aka 101) all the way up to Lincoln City. We had fantastic weather, for some of the most gorgeous scenery in the Pacific Northwest, and had mid-day walks with Mr. Bingley in the California Redwoods on Tuesday, and along the Oregon Coast on Wednesday. Doesn't get much better than that! But we're also THRILLED to be home, and hopefully done with our spate of bad luck. Today I feel like my life is finally returning to normal; I'm even back to making to-do lists and actually checking things off of them - shocking! Soon I may actually accomplish a thing or two.



  • This is so exciting! I wish that I could have come and been there in purpose, but work kept me away. And I love that last photo. Such an impish little grin!

  • For some reason I feel such an affinity for, and interest in, your FT Project. I think you're doing something wonderful and important - for all of us, not just yourself. You're examining the past, but more importantly you're honouring your ancestors, holding a light right onto their characters, and interpreting them in art.

    I think why I like it so very much is that I would love to think that someday one of my great-grandchildren might honour me, my parents, my grandparents, my children in this way.

    And, by extension, maybe I should take your example, start looking back at my own family tree and find ways to bring those fascinating and earthy people back to life, in textiles.

    So (all that to say) thanks for this work you're doing and HOW I wish I could have seen you and the Family Trunk in Boston.

  • Oh man, what timing! If only I had know you were driving up that way, we could have had pizza or something! I was in Humboldt County till last night.
    I have to say as an on-looker, that the idea of you "slacking off" as you put it, is really silly! You really have consistently produced, and not just quantity, but quality!
    I hope to see you, the knits, Mr. Bingley, and David down in the SF Bay Area some time in the next year.

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