Me Made May: Week 2


Week Two of me-made clothing documentation! I think everything after this week is very likely to be re-runs. Perhaps I should have spaced out my "new" outfits better, but apparently that's not how I roll.

Saturday, May 8


Last weekend the beautiful warm weather descended on Portland, just in time for my birthday! It was actually Sunday, but my folks took David and I out to dinner, then to dessert, and in between the two we had a glorious book-shopping trip at my home away from home. It was great. I wore my Vine Bolero with a little sundress that my mom made for me, as a present for my sixteenth birthday!

Sunday, May 9


Spent my real birthday lounging around the house in guilt-free laziness, in my new blue cords and a tank top from local indie boutique Moxie (I'm linking them because I like them, but this tank top is six years old, so they're unlikely to still, you know, carry it in stock).

Monday, May 10


This is how I usually wear the jacket I made from Vogue 2870: paired with knee breeches and thin, storebought socks for that 18th century mariner look. In the winter I even add a cravat!

Tuesday, May 11


This is one of my favorite work outfits for warmish/transitional days: a cotton gingham dress (which I didn't make myself, but which I'd like to find a similar pattern for) and my Betty Jean McNeil cardigan. Classic 1940s.

Wednesday, May 12


Wednesday I went a bit more casual, with my olive green cords from back in January, and a simple button-down shirt.

Thursday, May 13


I know this is a goofy photo, but you can get a sense of what I'm wearing, and more importantly WHAT is Mr. Bingley doing? Maybe burping? He has such a funny posture going on here. This skirt is my first try at Simplicity 9199 (I wore my second try last week), made with organza and some mysterious green fabric I picked up at Goodwill. Although it's aged OK and I've certainly gotten a lot of wear out of it, I have to say I think my days of shopping for fabric at Goodwill are over. This stuff pills in a really weird way that makes me feel compelled to pick all the pills off one by one. And then there was the unfortunate incident with the pink corduroy I got there to make a "wearable muslin" for my pants pattern, that ended up actually wearable for all of 30 minutes before developing a random tear right through the middle of the butt. There is a limit to my frugality: mill ends, yes. Potentially rotten Goodwill yardage: not anymore.

Also pictured: a silk peasant blouse that was a gift from my mom 9 or 10 years ago.

Friday, May 14


Finishing off the week with another beautiful warm day, I opted for a summery skirt and shell with my Liesl thrown over it. Also decided to accessorize this outfit with a new haircut! Very exciting. I always wait SO long to get my hair cut that when I finally do it, it's like a revelation.

So, that's week two. We'll see how I do during the second half of the month, when I will have to start mixing up my standard outfits to stay interesting. Maybe I'll resort to some of these amazing WWII-era tricks!


  • You still fit into a dress you got on your 16th birthday?! I would be envious, except I'm embarrassed to think back on most of my teenage wardrobe...

  • Shannon: Yay, thanks lady! I'm still learning to style it, but I'm psyched. :-)

    Camille: It doesn't fit the same WAY it did when I was 16, but it does still fit. I'm bustier & overall slightly heavier now, but I actually think having more "up top" compliments the style of this dress. And oh yeah, you should see some of the pictures from my teenage years! At least I was creative...

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