Charles Victor is up!


It's amazingly embarrassing that this has taken so long, but the Charles Victor Morine Tunic pattern and essay are finally up and available for purchase and reading, respectively!

Charles Victor is an unusual pattern, and I don't anticipate it being a huge seller, but I have received the occasional poke from an interested party and I'd like to apologize for the long wait. It's amazing what changing jobs and planning a commitment ceremony will do to a person's schedule!

I also hope that even those not interested in buying the pattern will check out the essay, because it was one of the most interesting thus far to research and write, and I hope that shows in the final product. My great-grandfather lived such an interesting life, over such a long stretch of time, that it really sparked my imagination to think about it. Imagine registering for the draft in 1917 and living to see Hawaiian statehood and the era of super-computers—or learning about Model T engines as a kid in 1910s California, and living to see men walking on the moon and giant satellites taking photos of nebulae. It's pretty amazing.


Because Del Monte employee Robert Kehlor took it upon himself to write/compile a history of the company in the Hawaiian islands, there is almost a whole book-chapter devoted to Charles Victor's inventions, which is pretty cool. Not that the book is a literary masterpiece or anything, but it was still interesting to get acquainted with a time and place of which I would otherwise have NO knowledge. What was it like farming pineapples in turn-of-the-century Hawaii? The answer was more intense than I realized. I had no idea, for example, that the industry was so young when Charles Victor entered it in 1924, and that the newly-transplanted farmers faced so many obstacles. Piqued your interest? There's lots more over here. For those interested in buying the pattern, it's available on the same page, or through Ravelry, for $6.50 or three pages of your own family story.

Aloha, friends!


  • Emy,
    You're right. This is the best story thus far. It truely captures grandad's style. Well worth waiting for and the tunic looks perfect for the Portland nights we're having this summer. Warm and balmy. Ah Hawaii calls.

  • Congrats on the pattern being out! I'll check out the writing.

  • What a great essay! It was especially nice to read about my area as it was in the past. I live in the San Jose area, which used to be all fruit orchards. When my mother was a girl, the town I live in was tiny, and there were still fruit orchards everywhere. Now there are just houses and roads. -_-

  • Dear Emily,
    I really enjoyed your essay - thanks for bringing an unknown time and place to life, and particularly the skills and ingenuity that went into making tinned pineapple, which I think I'm not the only person to take for granted!
    The tunic is also very beautiful. I like the 20s feel of the design, with the wide loose cuffs, and that lovely yellow color. The basketweave stitch is very pleasing, and also the wooden buttons.
    (Can you next please design us a coat like the one the woman has on in the 5th image from the top in the Charles Victor essay? I can't quite see what her collar and hem are decorated with, but I'd like to think embroidery rather than fur!)
    I've just come back from a very rainy week on the Isle of Harris - knitting the Antonia capelet more or less non-stop! Such a clever design, thank you.

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  • What was it like farming pineapples in turn-of-the-century Hawaii? The answer was more intense than I realized.

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  • it was still exciting to get familiar with a moment and position of which I would otherwise have NO information. What was it like agriculture pineapples in turn-of-the-century Hawaii? The response was more extreme than I noticed.
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