Monami pattern is up!


Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Blakeslee top, everyone! Test-knitting is in progress, which is very exciting.

To let you know, the pattern for the Monami Cardigan is now available here or on Ravelry. Details on the pattern, including sizing, yarn requirements, and more, are up on the pattern page.



  • This is a beautiful sweater! I downloaded it as soon as I heard it was ready!

  • Thanks, Tamsie! I hope you enjoy knitting it. :-)

  • What a beautiful autumnal cardigan, in colour and design. You've even managed to make the reverse stocking stitch between the two cables on the back (below the collar) look like a kind of swag! Congratulations.

  • Emily, are you going to be blogging again? It's been such a long time, and I enjoy your blogs so much--I miss them. Strictly selfish on my part, I know . . . but . . . just sayin'!!! xoxo

  • Beautiful piece of garment you made right here. You have sold it perfectly with the photo and the model you used for it. We would all love to see more of your blog and your piece of art.

    Hewlett from Baignoire porte 

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  • Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Blakeslee top, everyone! Test-knitting is in progress, which is very exciting. online casino

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  • Thanks for all the lovely comments on the Blakeslee top, everyone! Test-knitting is in progress, which is very exciting. rush writing service

  • What a beautiful autumnal cardigan, in colour and design.

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