I'm back!


Well hello, blogland!

Thank you so much to everyone who commented and wished us well. The Partnership Celebration was amazing; it surpassed my wildest expectations of how much love and connection could be gathered in one place. I am still a bit overwhelmed by the whole experience—I felt like it was over in a flash, and so packed with expressions of love, support, pride, and creativity that I will be mentally unpacking it for quite some time. I've been waiting to post about it until I'd "gotten some perspective," but I'm starting to think that might take years!

There were also some amazing family and fiber-arts connections in the form of gifts, which I will share with you internet lovelies when the time seems right. For now, if you're curious or just want to see how the dress turned out, check out our amazing photographer's blog post with her sneak-peek of our photo gallery.

To answer a few questions:

  • My shoes came from Imelda's. Portland people, take note: they are also available in black and YELLOW!

  • People were curious about the little water bottles. They were for a ritual where we had everyone collect water from a source that was meaningful, either to them personally or in terms of their relationship with us. People went above and BEYOND, by the way. Then we had each person come up and add their water to a decanter we were holding. We used the full decanter to water a series of little plants, and everyone got to take one home. We liked the symbolism of our entire community supporting us and each other. There is a picture in Heather's blog post of us holding the decanter.

  • We got up to about 600 cranes by the day of the Celebration, but I'm betting we only used about 300 of them. Moral of the story: it pays to think about how many of a thing you will actually WANT, before making as many as you CAN. :-) There's also a picture of the decorated room in Heather's post.

Knitting posts to come! I also apologize to all those whose emails are waiting unreturned in my inbox. I will be working on getting caught up over the next few days; I just really needed some time to unplug after the big event. Some exciting fiber developments are in the offing, however. Stay tuned.


  • Those are, without a doubt, THE loveliest (alterna)wedding photos I have ever seen. I am BLOWN AWAY. Same goes for the dress. Oh my goodness!


  • Everything looks so beautiful! I'm so glad the event was everything you hoped for. The dress looks gorgeous, and I love your hair too.

  • Wahoo! Emily, the photos are amazing. Heather is amazing, n'est-ce pas? Many congratulations to you and David. (And Mr. Bingley is looking debonair as ever!)

    Can we pause a moment for the DRESS? My goodness, woman, you left me speechless! Simply gorgeous.

  • What a lovely day.
    I think your special water collection/plant ceremony has to be the BEST ever.
    Your dress is amazing and the photographer captured everything so well.
    Best wishes to you both. Live long and prosper.

  • Wow, Emily! may your partnership be as lovely & timeless as those amazing photos!

  • oh, wow! everything looked phenomonal! congratulations to you both!

    (i might be in love with your photographer...)

  • Oh Emily, it looks so beautiful it makes me cry. You two are so lucky.

  • You two are so beautiful together. It looks like you had an amazing, happy day. :)

    May you have many more.

  • Oh my, what lovely photos! So glamorous and stylish and, most of all, so full of the sense of you that I get from reading your blog. Perfect. The dress is something else, too. Wow. So beautiful, and it fits you perfectly (of course!). Congratulations, and wishing you both much, much happiness.

  • Bless you both.

    And I will sigh happily and imagine your life is just as romantic and glamourous and steeped in tradition as I imagine it to be (aided, naturally, by those amazing photos).

  • My favourite of those photos is the one of you looking at the dress in the mirror. I love this style of capturing the moment photography. The dress is stunning (of course - I think it almost goes without saying). Beautiful fit, well done!

    Congratulations, as well!

  • Then we had each person come up and add their water to a decanter we were holding. We liked the symbolism of our entire community supporting us and each other. I love this style of capturing the moment photography.This is my census.

  • Everything looks so beautiful! I'm so glad the event was everything you hoped for. The dress looks gorgeous, and I love your hair too.For more

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  • Good to hear you back. I like all your knitting works. Keep it up! - Lindsay Rosenwald

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