The dress is done! And it's beautiful. I'm so pleased and satisfied. But I'm waiting until Heather's uber-talented photography can show you the final results. I know, I'm such a tease.


We're rushing madly about in an attempt to get all the last-minute logistics taken care of before our Partnership Celebration, but I've been making an effort to document the small, quiet moments of beauty and meaning in between the harried errands and frantic emails. Above, the earrings that inspired my dress color: watered jade teardrops, bought by my grandfather for my grandmother in Hawaii in the 60s.


Some of the craft time normally reserved for knitting around here has been usurped by paper crane-folding. David's mom and my own have both been pitching in by folding cranes. My godmother organized a crane-folding shower, and Anne even recruited her friends Etsuko and Yoshiko to help! How sweet are they? It's lovely to feel that these flocks are a gift from our community, and that that community is larger than we realized.


Pretty good find on the shoe-color, no?

We mailed everyone tiny bottles in which to collect a bit of water from a meaningful place; they will figure into our event, although it's a secret exactly how! It's been a blast to see them trickling back to us through our mail-box; we now have melted snow from Mount Charleston, rain-water from my grandmother's garden, tap water ranging from DC to Portland, and Pacific salt water from Cabrillo Bay. Back when I took this, the bottles were still waiting to journey out into the world:


And what does Mr. Bingley think about all this? He's not sure. NOT AT ALL SURE. (Note the beautiful cushion painted by David's dad!)


One week, people!

PS: Once the dust clears, I have a cool series in mind on (gasp!) actual knitting. I've been de-stressing with a new design I'm really enjoying; hopefully you will, too. :-)


  • I wish you the happiest of days and lives together.

  • It's been great fun watching this event unfold. Lots of love to you and yours.

  • DROOLING over those shoes. They are so fabulous. Where did you find them??

  • Lots of love to you & David!

  • It's so exciting, and I'm not even involved! I hope your ceremony is wonderful! (I'm sure it will be.)

    I can't wait to see the dress, and I hope we get to see photos from the event. You two make such a handsome couple (even if I only know this via the internet). :)

  • I can't wait to see the pictures; it all looks beautiful! I love those shoes you found. They'll be perfect.

  • Exactly, what i was looking for. THX

  • All the best for your big day Emily! It all sounds great and I'm looking forward to seeing the pictures.

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  • WHERE did you get those SHOES?!?! Please tell!!

  • love love love. i haz teh envy. :-)

  • The big day has come and gone by now, so many congratulations and I hope it all went off beautifully.

  • you are amazing... I can't wait to hear more about the event! - I love the idea of combining waters from all over... it's really special!

    I started to collect sand from beaches earlier this year - on trips... I have 2 now... one bottle from a friend's Puerto Vallarta birthday vacation (we spent a week there.... amazing) - and one bottle with sand from the Santa Monica Beach after finishing my first marathon! (the Los Angeles Marathon) - I'm still sorting out how to identify the bottles, etc. but they're there... and part of my collection - I'll probably also put bottles of gravel or dirt in the collection as I progress... but for now, it is all beach!


  • Welcome to another installment of our weekly Upad Q8 -case roundup.

  • Well done! Keep up the good work!

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