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Shortly after my last post I came down with the Horrible Cold of Doom, which knocked me out all last week and is still making me feel unpleasantly logey. For part of it I couldn't even concentrate well enough to knit or read, which is pretty much the last sign of abject misery as far as I'm concerned. All I was up to was trolling mindlessly around the internet, looking for blog entries that weren't too taxing to my besotted brain. During that time, I bookmarked this entry on the Colette Patterns blog, in which Sarai invites folks to submit mood boards illustrating how they might make up her new lingerie patterns (the winner gets a $75 gift certificate!). When I was feeling marginally better (e.g., up to arranging pretty pictures on a blank canvas) I returned to the task and whipped up two of these. Making mood boards is a total time suck, but also so much fun that I often forget I haven't ACTUALLY created a garment when I get done with one. (As always, click to enlarge.)


(Photo credits: Nathalie Bearden photography; Udessi; Furniture and Design; Colette Patterns. The shot of the stool with the bird decals has been sitting on my hard drive for years; I failed to track down its source.)

You could put together a surprisingly modern, clean camisole from the romantic Cinnamon pattern: matte textures instead of shiny, orange under-bust inset in a white cotton lawn background, with orange or teal straps and a little bit of modern bird embroidery off-center toward the bottom edge (think Lotta Jansdotter). Love the white/orange/teal combo.


(Photo credits: Shorpy, Shorpy, Binbin.net, Colette Patterns. Ditto to the lovely calligraphic chalkboard (?) image; I saved it years ago and can no longer track it down.)

Or, a more predictable but slightly racier option for the Nutmeg set: black silk with gold lace (and/or embroidery?), à la old-fashioned vaudeville halls. Something to glint in the flickering candle-light!

Is anybody else putting together boards for this? I love seeing different takes on the same theme.


  • These are great—I get a sense of what each garment will look like before you've even picked up the fabric! I hope you win. :}

    Also been meaning to say that I like your new system of responding to comments with comments rather than emails—it can be interesting/inspiring/useful to read what would previously have been sent to one reader, and when you post something new it's easy to click back to the last entry and read your follow-up.

  • Love your playful take on the birdie camisole! You should check out the Socks that Rock Boobie 2 colorway, it's bright orange, light and dark teal with soft gray.

  • Camille: Hey, thanks! I had fun putting them together. And glad you like the new format - I enjoy seeing other bloggers' responses to people who aren't me, when I comment on their blogs.

    Alegria: Thanks! I haven't seen that STR colorway, but I think my mom bought a sock yarn in a similar combo some time back - a thinner fingering weight, with tencel and bamboo. I forget the label...but it would make some great summertime wear.

  • Just like what you do, i really am much into those lingerie things.

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