Green tangerine


A big hello from beautiful Oahu! David and I are having a fantastic delayed honeymoon here; lots of reading, relaxation, snorkeling (for David) and beach reading (for me). This won't be a super-long blog entry, but I wanted to get some pictures of the finished Tangerine Rooibos dress up. David was kind enough to snap some shots of it for me yesterday, when we visited the Foster Botanical Garden in downtown Honolulu.


I'm really happy with how this turned out. One always has to pick one's matching battles when working with a print, especially on a pattern with as many curved seams as Rooibos: there's just no way to match across every seam. But I like the way the pattern "reads" almost interruptedly down the center middle, how it's centered left-to-right (love that single cross-section between the points of the collar!), and I'm especially chuffed with how the cross-section parts match at the top of the curved waist inset, and how the whole tangerines match across the tops of the pockets.


I remain totally sold on piping. So easy and cute, and I think, with this dress in particular, it really helps to define some of the pretty lines that might otherwise get lost in the print—particularly the pockets, but also the cute little collar.


As I mentioned, I did a full lining rather than the recommended partial facings, since otherwise the cotton lawn would have been a little bit too revealing for my taste. Here's the behind-the-scenes inside-out shot:


You can see in this photo that I cut the same pattern piece in shell, lining, and interfacing, then interfaced the lining before sewing all the same darts in the lining as I did in the shell. Below the bust there's no interfacing; I just put together the lining as directed for the dress, and attached as directed for the facings. I also attached the lining to the invisible zipper after installing it in the shell, which makes the whole thing feel very fancy and finished, and makes me happy whenever I wear it:


Well! This is turning into a long blog entry after all, and I have a beach to lounge around on! I'll leave you with a final profile shot (you can see that not everything could be matched as nicely as the front):


And, for a little perspective, here's the tree against which I'm leaning. Amazing!



  • It turned out great! I was admiring how nicely you lined up the tangerines on the bodice in your last post. Enjoy the rest of your honeymoon!

  • ooo, emily this is perfection! I love everything about it. have a wonderful honeymoon!

  • Best. dress. ever!

    Enjoy the honeymoon! I don't know if I ever congratulated you on your beautiful ceremony, but if not, a belated congratulations as well.

  • I love your dress! The fabric is something else. Thanks for the turn to the 'print your own fabric site'. Have my sister thinking about doing that. Have fun on the rest of your trip.

  • Camille: Thanks! I was smitten with the alignment at the stage I photographed it before, & was concerned it might look like "too much" in full dress form, but I'm happy with how it turned out. :-)

    Jennifer: Aw, thanks! The honeymoon was fantastic. So relaxing & fun.

  • Kristen: Thank you, and thank you! It was nice to have the relaxing segment of the celebration-related stuff, since we pulled off the more intense planning/ceremony part! :-)

    Sharon: Hey, thanks! Bet you could go wild on that print-your-own-fabric site, eh? ;-)

  • What a beautiful dress! (And the tree is also amazing.) You did a great job with matching. I think if you'd been able to match any more seams than you did, the dress would have lost something. It's nice to be able to see that it wasn't just made from a single piece of fabric.

  • really cute! how does the spoonflower lawn fabric feel? have you washed it yet?

  • Christine: Thanks! That's an interesting point about the matching; I guess I get so focused on matching as many points as possible that I don't stop to think that the lines should be visible, too.

    Minnie: The lawn feels GREAT. Very soft & light - I'd say too diaphanous to wear without something under even in a dark color, but delicious against the skin. I pre-washed the fabric before cutting (using the "handwashing" cycle on my front-loader), but haven't washed the completed dress yet. Will report back! :-)

  • That dress is really lovely. Where I live it is about to get cold, oh how I wish it were spring.

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